Through the book and archival riches that owns and produces every place, highlights the history and culture of being, safeguards the history and culture of the local, the family, the national. The preservation of this wealth is commonplace for libraries, archives, and museums of each region.
At the library of Kozani there are kept, among other things, a major archive of newspapers and magazines, which are constantly supplemented and enriched through the wider region, which clarifies and explains various events through the eyes of a local analyst. On the occasion of the exhibition of the newspapers of Kozani (1914-2014) they first took an electronic copy* of the titles of the newspapers and magazines of the collections of the KMLK and presented them directly, in an early form, for the accommodation of every user.
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*(the alphabetical catalogues were made in 2014 with a major contribution contract staff of the social policy program).

Newspapers (Alphabetic catalogue) -Magazines (Alphabetic catalogue)

Since January 2014 the KMLK has also made available in digital form (pdf) the newspapers “Courage”, “Breakfast reason”, “Time”, and “West” (2008 to 2010) and can be seen by someone in the library.