The new building complex of the Municipal Library and the Museum Library of Kozani gives shelter to both the incunabula “After the Course” and “On the history of animals” by Aristotle (printed 1497), to the “Map of Rigas” (printed 1796-1797), to the world map of Anthimos Gazis (1800), to the first Greek newspaper of the brothers Markidon Pouliou (“Efimeris” 1790-1797), and to 120,000 manuscripts, codices, maps, leaflets, and books, even to “Asterix and Cleopatra” of Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, explains to the Greek and foreign people why and how all this cultural wealth is concentrated in the city of Kozani over the past three centuries, making it one of the main historical centers of development of the Greek Enlightenment, shows where the citizenry of Kozani and every Greek city can look, for the transformation of the historic center of the Greek Enlightenment in the Balkans in a fair city in the future of a united Europe.

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